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Kubota V2203 V2403 crankshaft total have 3 types, it’s wide used on Forklift engine, Agricultural Engine and Bobcat Skid Steer Loader. But when need repair the engine, it’s make confuse to choose which one.

In fact it's easy to check crankshaft v2203 and v2403, we only need check by 3 steps:

1. check the main bearing size is 52mm, this is model 1 called V2203 52mm

2.check the main bearing size is 60mm, with stroke 104mm,this is model 2 called V2203 60mm

3. check the main bearing size is 60mm, but with stroke 107mm, this is model 3 called V2403 60mm

how to check stroke ? can refer to the photos as below:

Model 2: V2203 60mm 104mm

crankshaft V2203 60mm 104mm

Model 3: V2403 60mm 107mm

when you need buy a crankshaft,just know it kubota 87mm but dont sure it’s  for V2203 or V2403 use, you can check size by this way and confirm the model easy.  also you can send email to us to talk more:

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