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DLC is a surface treatment called Diamond-like Carbon,this kinds of trestment is in balck color

1. High hardness – above 60GPa or Hv6000, it’s higher than chrome or nitriding coating
2. Low coefficient of friction -0.06

Why DLC tech have both advantage of High hardness & Low coefficient of friction ? 

The element that makes up the DLC is carbon. The different bonding methods between carbon atoms and carbon atoms make them ultimately produce different substances:
A.diamond-carbon-carbon bonds in the form of sp3 bonds;
B. DLC (diamond-like carbon) -carbon-carbon bonds in the form of sp3 and sp2 bonds 
C.  Graphite – carbon carbon is combined in the form of sp2 bonds.

DLC piston ring 1


The structure of DLC:
A: Matrix material
B: Nitrding Layer
C: DLC Layer

DLC tech high quality piston ring

Finished photos
DLC piston ring 2

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